Patterns ideas for minis, scraps and leftovers!

Have you ever struggled with ways to use your pretty mini skein sets, advents and leftovers? Here are some project ideas to help you use all that lovely yarn! 

Loom | Patterns for minis, scraps and leftovers!

Some of these patterns are specifically for 5 skein mini sets, an advent calendar, or whatever odds and ends you have. You'll notice a lot hold fingering weight double (or more!) to achiever a heavier gauge, or add in a strand of fluffy mohair or suri alpaca to take them further.

Fluffy yarns, as well as adding a cosy halo, can help to tone down the palette if you have a lot of colours that don't immediately seem to go together.

Piecemeal patterns also make really good travel projects, if you're commuting, or only have small pockets of time to knit. A longterm investment project like this can be so soothing to work on. I have some cute micro project bags that are perfect for taking those little squares, hexipuffs and petals out and about.

Loom | Scrappy blankets

Blankets (Top: 1 and 2, Bottom: 3 and 4)

  1. Anthology Throw by Helen Stewart uses fingering weight yarn and is knit in the round from the centre out. It's designed specifically with minis in mind, so great for an advent or a mini skein subscription. So pretty!
  2. Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits is an oldie but a goodie. The little hexipuffs are double sided and knit in the round so both sides are worked at the same time. Stuff with fibre fill or yarn ends!
  3. Moonflower Mosaic by Valérie Miller uses fingering weight yarn and each six petaled flower is joined as you go, then the flowers are seamed together. They would be great as individual coasters or decorative mats, and of course an enormous blanket.
  4. Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart - a classic, designed for a 24 mini skein advent or whatever odds and ends you have. Squishy garter and lacy eyelets.
Loom | Scrappy socks


  1. Thickmas Socks by Summer Lee use two strands of fingering for a DK weight sock. They range from baby to adult size and there are a few different designs included. I made a lot of these for presents last year!
  2. Glimmer Socks by Bloom & Create are designed for a five skein mini set. The simple colourwork makes a really cute transition between each colour.
  3. Artists Garden Socks by Tif Nielan is a marled design using fingering weight yarn, with instructions for either a 2 stand DK weight sock, or a 3 strand aran weight sock!
  4. Queenslander Socks by Valérie Miller is another colourwork sock for minis with a sweet transition motif, worked in fingering weight from the toe up.


  1. Colour Craze by Tammy Gore is a crescent shaped shawl for a handful of minis and some larger leftovers, or you can play with the striping pattern and use whatever you have. It combines a mix of brioche, garter stitch and eyelets.
  2. Scrappy Stashbuster by Tif Nielan is a triangle shawl worked from point to point marling two strands of fingering weight. The pattern includes a suggested colour schematic for at least six colours.
  3. Melting Marl by Stephen West is a neat shawl worked from the top down in garter stitch so you can bind off whenever you run out of yarn. Knit using two strands of fingering, or fingering and a fluffy yarn to help melt the colours together. The pattern includes advice on how to blend through the colour transitions.
  4. Litmus Cowl by Jude Harper is a classic advent pattern using 24 mini skeins and one full skein. It's worked in the round to create a double layer infinity scarf and seamed together with kitchener stitch. Cosy!
Loom | Scrappy sweaters


  1. Sea Glass Sweater by Wool and Pine Designs is worked top down in the round and uses a 1x1 colourwork pattern. Intended for DK weight, they emphasise this isn't essential. Use whatever you have available and hold different weights double. The pattern includes lots of video tutorials to help and you even get a free Sea Glass Hat pattern!
  2. Garter Marler Sweater by Stephen West is a top down seamless sweater worked in garter stitch holding two strands of fingering weight yarn. Similar to the Melting Marl shawl you can change colours to suit the yarn you have. Great if you have a large amount of leftovers.
  3. My Favourite Adventure by Dragon Hoard Designs is specifically for an advent of 25 mini skeins alternated with a full contrasting skein using 1x1 colourwork. A really cool effect and each stripe uses no more than the 20g mini across all sizes.
  4. Scrappy Striber by Pia Trans is worked top down in the round striping whatever leftovers, minis and scraps you have to hand. The pattern is designed for a gauge rather than a specific yarn weight so you can play with fingering, dk, holding yarns double and see what you get. 
Loom | Scrappy cardigans


  1. Radvent Cardigan by Ambah O'Brien is designed for a 25 skein advent and is worked sideways from cuff to centre on either side and joined. Uses fingering weight yarn with the option to hold a fluffy laceweight double. 
  2. Garter Marler by Stephen West is a cardigan version of this fun pattern. Again holding two fingering weight double, worked from the top down.
  3. Bubble Cardigan by Stephen is worked from the top down with drop shoulders. It uses a single strand of fingering weight and looks great using a mini subscription where the colour style is similar throughout, like this lovely version made by Katy using our mini skein club
  4. Penguono by Stephen West is another classic scrappy pattern that you can make your own. Worked in modular blocks of garter stitch with welts and an icord edging. Holding lots of yarns together, it's truly epic! 

Ok, yes I added the cardigan section just to get more Stephen West patterns in. What are your favourite scrappy, mini, stash busting patterns? I'd love to hear what you've been making with your leftovers, or if you've made one of these lovely patterns. Pop a comment below!

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